There are certain songs I cannot hear because they are so personal that it hurts me to listen.

Amy Winehouse, from an interview (via violentwavesofemotion)

"I love Amy," says Nicole.

"Yeah," says Winehouse, adopting a cute voice, "she loves me."

"Amy is a very honest type of person," says Nicole. “She blows my mind. She’s very special.” From her lap, Winehouse mutters, "Special needs."

"She’ll hate me for saying this, but her heart is made of gold," says Nicole.

"Made of wood," mumbles Winehouse.

"She’s very democratic," says Nicole. "Diplomatic," corrects the lap voice.

"I want to fall in love like Amy," says Nicole. "I think I’ve been in love before."

Winehouse lifts her head: "No, no, if you had, you’d be dead because you weren’t together."

Amy Winehouse, from an interview (via violentwavesofemotion)


This goddess would’ve been 31. We miss you always!


Cry babe su We Heart It.


te amo

Jennifer Rocholl, 2007 


Amsterdam bulldog cafe.


Dab Bar menu anyone?

Visit Have A Heart CC Cafe located in Seattle, WA

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I just love this sign

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